At your first contact, your lawyer will advise you of Avira’s fee and expenses structure. Should any change in the charges, costs and disbursements and emoluments occur, this will be the subject of prior communication with the client.

Fee agreement

An honorary agreement is established by counsel to specify the amount or method of determining fees. It takes into account the nature of the expected benefit, but also the customs the client’s assets, the complexity of the case, the reputation of the lawyer, the expenses incurred and the conscientiousness of the lawyer.

Throughout the relationship with the lawyer, a detailed statement of the fees due is communicated to the client. The invoice is prepared in a transparent manner. It refers, if necessary, to the provisional sums. This document is drawn up in complete transparency, making it possible to honour rigorous accounting. It shall show, where appropriate, the amounts received as a provision. The lawyer's remuneration may vary in accordance with custom and takes into account the time devoted to the case, the research work, the nature and difficulty of the case, the importance of the interests involved.

The terms of reimbursement follow legal and regulatory conditions.