The law firm


To reach Europe through its various legal systems.

Based in Strasbourg (France), at the cross-roads of Europe, our German and French lawyers can advise and assist you when you find yourself in an environment where languages, culture and legal systems are fundamentally different.


  • A trilingual team approach
  • Legal know-how on both sides of the Rhine
  • Trilingual secretarial support
  • Intermediation with contacts in both countries


Since 2003, we have been counselling firms of all sizes, as well as private individuals on all legal aspects, especially concerning the Franco-German systems. We have also worked with other European countries, especially Switzerland and Austria, coming from English speaking countries.

By using our services, you will always have the same contact, who will personally follow up your case.


We defend your interests and duly represent you in French and/or German courts. We also advise you in specific legal domains and and help you write and elaborate your contracts efficiently in accordance with the principles of dignity, conscience, independence, integrity and humanity that govern the exercise of the legal profession.


  • General sales’ conditions
  • Employment and recruiting
  • Inheritance and succession
  • European Law
  • Family Law
  • Business and commercial entities
  • Commercial agents and sales force
  • Freehold and Leasehold
  • Insolvency
  • Responsibility and liability (for instance, accidents...)
  • Fiscal and penal Law
  • Law of contracts
  • Debt recovery in France and Germany